Psoriasis - Eczema - Vitiligo

More space and style

Unit closes to conceal the lamps when not in use. And door panels come in your choice of attractive wood grains and solid colors that will bled in perfectly with the style of any room.

More therapeutic benefits

With the Multi-Directional light panel, you treat both sides of the body separately – first the front, then the back. The door panels swing out to reveal two additional light panels that direct more UVB light to the sides of the body. This can help even out of the exposure.

More for your money

While treating one side of your body at a time means longer sessions, the Multi-Directional produces quality therapeutic results in a compact, affordably priced system.

Now, with the Multi-Directional, phototherapy treatments in the convenience of your own home are easy and more affordable than ever. Home phototherapy gives you a flexible schedule which allows you to get to your treatment every other day, as recommended.

Phototherapy has been the most successful treatment for more people with psoriasis, vitiligo or eczema when received on a consistent basis, and with the fewest potential side effects (practically none). Don’t let your busy life interfere with getting the help you need!


Model Multi-Directional
Lamps 10 Narrowband UVB
Power Needs 9 amps – 220-240v/50-60Hz
Power Cord 10 foot power cord
standard three-prong plug
Dimensions 89” x 23” x 9” (HWD)
Shipping Weight 250 lbs