Mobile-Lite™ Clinical

Psoriasis - Eczema - Vitiligo

The Mobile-Lite™ Clinical is a unique portable phototherapy system designed specifically to treat hands and feet. A dual shelf office cart with locking wheels allows easy transportation! 

Perfect for hands – The Mobile-Lite™ Clinical with sliding treatment shelf, comfortably adjusts to your patient.

Perfect for feet – Treating the feet is now a breeze with the Mobile-Lite™ Clinical.

Unique safety shield – The Mobile-Lite™ Clinical UV safety shield, with adjustable openings minimizes UVB light escaping from the system!

Superior treatment – Perfect for eff ectively treating UV light responsive conditions on hands and feet.

• Focuses NB-UVB light directly where it’s needed

• Shortens treatment time for hard to treat areas

• Convenient size – portable – space saving

• User friendly LCD controller for each unit

• Safety lock out codes prevent unauthorized use

• Acrylic Safety shield keeps patients from contacting the bulbs

• Acrylic safety shield keeps debris from accumulating in the system

• 6 Narrowband UVB bulbs per unit

The Mobile-Lite™ Clinical is the first completely portable light phototherapy system designed specifically to treat hands and/or feet, and which can also be used for localized treatment of psoriasis or vitiligo on the body.

The Mobile-Lite™ Clinical is the safest and most effective way to treat psoriasis build-up on the palms of the hands.

If your client has psoriasis flaring on the soles of their feet, you know how painful standing or walking can be. The more they can stay off your feet, the sooner you will be able to get clear again. The Mobile-Lite™ Clinical allows your client to get treatment on their feet while remaining comfortably seated.


UVB Lamps 6 narrowband UVB lamps per system
Cart Dimensions 43″ x 41.5″ x 19″ (HWD)
Power Needs 2 amps; 220- 240v/ 50-60Hz; (std PH household power)
Treatable Surface Area Covers more than two (2) square feet per system
Power Cord 10 foot power cord – standard three-prong plug
Shipping Weight 200 lbs – includes systems and cart