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Phototherapy that fits to your office, your patients and your practice.

The space saving design, custom fit to anybody size, reduced energy cost, and commitment to quality are just a few of the reasons we are confident you will find our phototherapy systems better than the rest. You know the benefits of Narrow band UVB and phototherapy, now you can offer it to your patients in your existing exam rooms while under your supervision.

Lower Energy Cost – Better Phototherapy Results

  • Closer positioning of the UV panels to the patient reduces treatment times.
  • Adjustability means fewer lamps are required,less energy is needed and costs are lower.
  • Angular UV panel positioning creates superior UV cross firing for shorter treatment times and potentially greater efficacy.

Maximize Room Efficiency

  • Folds flat to the wall when not in use and opens easily for full-body treatments as needed.
  • Space-saving design allows you to multitask your existing examination rooms.
  • Lamp-cooling technology,solid state electronics, an exclusive timer system and many other UV technologies.These features when combined provide unsurpassed treatments with exceptional results.

Time Matters

  • UVBioTek TM narrow band UVB Systems deliver exceptionally fast treatments, with a 100mJ dose usually being administered in approxomately 10 seconds.

Form Follows Function

  • There is much more to our adjustable design than the superior treatment it delivers. Our patented space saving design offers superior performance over outdated booths. UV light meter tests show that superior UVB out put is achieved in UVBioTek TM systems with up to 30%fewer lamps!

Distance is Critical

  • For every inch between the body and the lamps there is a significant decrease in UV light effectiveness. After six to seven inches away UVB decreases by 50%or more. A dramatic70% drop occurs at just ten inches away. Only UVBioTek’s adjustable light panel scan be adjusted to be as close as possible to each patient’s body, both minimizing the problem of UVB drop-off and resulting in shorter treatments.


Model Lamps Body Fans System Fans Dimensions Circuit Needs System Weight Optional Dosimetry
4000B NB 40 NB UVB 3 4 8″ x 50″ x 92″ 220-240 v/ 33 amp; 50-60 Hz 420 lbs Yes
3200B NB 32 NB UVB 3 4 8″ x 50″ x 92″ 220-240 v/ 29 amp; 50-60 Hz 420 lbs Yes
2400B NB 24 NB UVB 3 4 8″ x 50″ x 92″ 220-240 v/ 25 amp; 50-60 Hz 380 lbs Yes

*Narrowband UVB lamps are standard equipment