Flex Arm with Removable Clamp

The HF410 is a hands-free stand intended for fixed or transportable applications. It combines a flexible arm assembly that can be mounted to a removable clamp.

Flex Arm Assembly

• Flexible arm

• Maneuvered with modest hand strength

• Support a ball-joint, device cup and AV400 device

• Simple to attach and release from clamp

• Ball-joint “wrist” assembly between exible arm and device cup

• Angular movement = ± 40 degrees

• Infinite rotation in either direction

• Cup holds the AV400

• Maintain a snug fit around the device

• One handed removal of device from cup


Lightweight Removable Clamp

• Flexible mounting to bars and panels as wide as 5cm

• Provide multiple flexible arm mounting locations

• Ability to clamp and release with modest hand strength

• May be clamped to bars and panels as a separate element from the flexible arm