Gather important information and data from nurses, physicians and other healthcare professionals as well as hospital administrators in order to update the company on the changing trends in hospital marketing

Area of Coverage

The company’s operation will cover the major medical facilities in key cities in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. The company will be supported by a growing number of  sub-distributor partners that are based stretegically in the key areas in the Philippines.

Future Plans

Launch additional high quality medical devices, hospital supplies and equipment by forging alliances and partnerships with reputable firms with innovative medical devices after gaining a strong foothold among key hospitals and medical centers in the coming years.

Vein Viewer Accuvein AV400


No calibration or adjustment necessary, ready for immediate use. Device can be held at any direction, and a range of distances from the skin’s surface (4”-18”).


The AV400 fits in your hand and weighs less than 10 ounces.


No need to remove the battery or plug it into an electrical outlet during use. Simply place the device in the cradle for charging between uses.


Because the AV400 shows the veins in real time, when operated properly, the device can accommodate patient movement


In addition to the standard viewing option, the AV400 has an inverse mode which can enhance the visibility of small veins


Permanently aligned; center line accurate to less than the width of a human hair.

As modern medicine advances and technology increases the treatment options for Psoriasis and other chronic skin conditions, PHOTOTHERAPY continues to shine.

Physicians from every specialty have gravitated towards minimally invasive, non-systemic solutions for practically every affliction. Reducing the side-effects from prescriptions drugs is one reason why.

Another important reason is unlike virtually any other medication NB UVB is considered safe enough to be used by pregnant women and women who are trying to get pregnant.

When deciding what’s best for your patients suffering from Psoriasis, Eczema, or Vitiligo, consider UVBioTek™

  • Double-hinged adjustable design optimizes all body types/sizes
  • Patented “folding” system maximizes your exam room space
  • Acrylic safety shields protects patients/prevents debris on lamps
  • Solid-state technology – maintenance free operation
  • Body cooling fans ensures patient comfort
  • Steel constructed/Power Coat finish – Vertical up-flow fans

UV Biotek Phototherapy Units

How Infratech Started

In Greenville, South Carolina, USA, an astute and pragmatic physician-businessman met with a former pharmaceutical company manager to discuss the business case of possibly marketing in the Philippines the world’s first portable, non-contact and user-friendly, vein illumination medical device called AccuVein AV300.

A series of meetings, brainstorming and group discussion sessions followed between Dr. Emmanuel U. Sarmiento (Emil), the physician-investor and Renato M. Gomez (Rene), the former pharmaceutical company manager, with the objective of knowing if there is a need for this medical device in the Philippine market. Finally, it was decided that Rene will need to visit the Philippines and conduct a market study for AccuVein.

The market study and end-users’ survey resulted into a highly positive and favorable outlook. Thus, a decision was made in October 2010 to establish Infratech Medical Devices, Inc. as the newest mover in the Philippine medical device industry.

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